dOCUMENTA (13) residency, workshop and performance

August 2012


Residency, Performance and Workshop, 22nd – 26th August, 2012

Residency at Dschingis Khan Restaurant

Location in the Dschingis Khan Restaurant

Through its location in the Dschingis Khan Restaurant, the Writers’ Residency investigates the possibilities of privacy in a public space. In addition, through a series of talks, writers-in-residence are offered the possibility of a public moment during their time in Kassel. Having developed out of conversations and readings during the residencies, these talks encourage the choral meeting and exchange of voices.

Poetry reading with Adam Kleinman at Offener Kanal Café, 24th August

Adam Kleinman: Todesfuge

Holly Pester: The Sick Sad Work Song: a performance of song-driven poetry, shanty loops and rough speech

 The Poetry Readings Program is an exercise in emancipating the body from the clichés and constraints of the day, under a spotlight, in a dark, intimate, night time space. Every Friday at 11 pm in the Offener Kanal Café, an invited guest opens the evening by reading out loud selected poems to a gathering of people who listen out loud, and are later invited to take over the microphone and recite or read their own poetry or that of others into the night.
Rise of the Mondegreens – song words better by error, workshop at Huguenothouse, 25th August 
Writer-in-residence Holly Pester leads a workshop about sea shanties and miss-heard song lyrics, inviting the audience to create poems rooted in the sonic possibilities of  the misunderstood.