Saturday Seminar at the Serpentine Gallery

February 2012

Saturday 11th February, 3pm
Holly Pester in response to the poetics of Lygia Pape

“Every Saturday the Serpentine Gallery hosts talks and seminars for the public. This winter prominent artists, poets, curators and academics discuss themes connected to the Lygia Pape exhibition and the Neo-Concrete movement.”
The below sound poems were made in response to Lygia Pape’s woodcuts and neo-concrete poetry. The series was made for a presentation at the Serpentine Gallery, 11th February 2012. All pieces are anagrams of the word ‘Disentangled’ from Pape’s poem Boca a Boca.

The following video is of the poem written in response to my engagement with the exhibiton, Magnetized Space, and to the Pape material.

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